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Taylor 114

Taylor 114Sometimes you pick up a guitar and right after the first few notes you go “Yes!”. This Taylor 114 was one of those guitars when in 2012 I went to Elderly Instruments in Lansing (a true heaven for guitarists, by the way; I rarely saw such a big choice of top range instruments and you’re allowed, even invited, to play them all).

I live in the Netherlands but my girlfriend lives in Michigan. 2012 was the third summer I was travelling there, and the fees for excess luggage had been going up so steeply that I figured it would be cheaper in the long run –  and safer for my guitars –  to just buy one in the US and leave it there instead of taking one on the plane every time.

I wanted to buy a second hand one (most of my guitars I bought second hand), and I discovered that Elderly instruments actually had about five second hand ones available. Within minutes it was clear to me that out of five candidates it was going to be this 114 or a slightly more expensive Taylor 210 series. It was this one that sounded the best though.

The 100-series being the cheapest series of Taylor guitars, it still has your typical chrystal clear Taylor sound, but with warm basses as well, and equally typical perfect playability. It’s got laminate sapele back and sides and a solid sitka spruce top.

Fender Stratocaster USA

Fender_StratocasterWhen I bought this guitar it was with the idea in mind that this would become my ‘second’ guitar, only to be used for the specific Stratocaster sound.

But ever since I’ve played it in an allround coverband for several years, I’ve discovered why Stratocasters are such popular guitars: they’re so very versatile. Of course they’re perfect for certain specific styles, but actually you can play any other style in at least a reasonable fashion on it. The built quality is actually a bit less than that of my Ibanez, but the concept simply always works.

I bought this guitar as a second hand one around 1990, after it had been brought back to the store by someone who, allegedly, had bought it without consulting his wife first. I, at the time, fortunately didn’t need to consult with anyone when buying it.

At I found information that seems to suggest that this is a Torino Red American Standard from around 1987, just after Fender had become independent of CBS again. Also, its serial number starts with EE, which is a bit special, meaning it was specifically meant for export. I replaced the tuning machines with Sperzel locking machines and the standard white pick guard by a pearloid one.

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