Custom recordings
The idea behind custom tracks is that you’d need a guitar track for your recording project, and I’ll record it for you, after which it’ll be sent to you over the internet.
I play electric guitar, acoustic steelstring, classical and  jazz guitar. I also play mandolin.
Please check on the Samples page for demos of these different styles and instruments.

Demo production
I can also work out your idea into a full demo production, adding drums, bass, additional guitar tracks or keyboards. A  price will be established depending on the complexity of the desired arrangement.

Royalty Free Music
I also record ready-made music that you can buy at AudioJungle, mostly with a royalty free licence, which allows you to use it for your own commercial purposes, except selling as such (a few of these tracks are for private use only and can’t be used commercially at all). You can browse around those recordings in the Royalty Free Music section.

There are two kinds of licences, a regular licence, an extended one and one for private use only. A regular licence allows you to use a recording for things like a website (commercial, personal, client), free podcast, video or game, while an extended licence is necessary for a paid game, app or other software, film or television production. You can read the exact details here.

Posted 13/12/2010 by L