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Still Standing My Ground

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This is a complete song, not specifically recorded for purposes of background music, but you may still find it – or parts of it – useful for your purposes, so I uploaded it here anyway. It’s a powerful, intense piece of bluesrock with electric lead guitar, acoustic rhythm guitar and Hammond organ accompaniment, and of course also with bass and drums. It starts out in a kind of funky theme, culminating in a climax of an all-out Hammond organ solo in the bridge and then returning to the original theme.

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A peaceful, melancholic tune with acoustic guitar, mandoline, strings and a mellow electric lead guitar melody.


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A peaceful, gentle solo piece for steelstring guitar in moderate tempo and 3/4 time.

Point Of No Return

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Symphonic or progressive rock composition existing of several parts, with moods moving from quiet and peaceful to full, symphonic harmonics with multi-voiced lead guitar and Hammond organ parts, and then to heavier powerchords, to finally return to the peace of the beginning again.

Never Again

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Melancholic, slow instrumental on solo classical guitar with subtle synth in the background.

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Complete composition, instrumental, starting quietly and building up to a dramatic sounding, classic symphonic or progressive rock song with melodic guitar leads. Featuring clean and heavily distorted electric guitar sounds, synths, bass and drums.