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Gibson SG Special

Gibson_SGThis 1973 Gibson SG Special was bought secondhand by my brother somewhere in the mid-eighties, when he played rhythm guitar in our band and needed a better one than his old Maya Stratocaster.

Anyway, two weeks after that it nearly had gone again already, when it appeared that we had left it standing outside leaning against the car, the morning after we came home from rehearsal. I rushed outside the moment we discovered it but it was nowhere to be seen. After we put a note on the wall in the hall of my apartment block, to our immense relief someone appeared to have spotted it early that morning when leaving for college, and had taken it inside. We got him a nice bottle of wine.

After the band stopped my brother didn’t play it very much anymore, playing his acoustic guitar mostly. Three years ago I made him an offer on it (his daughter plays music as well, and I thought she should have first choice, but she proceeded on piano) and since then it has been mine.

I have used it in several recordings ever since, mostly for its open, transparent rock sound, partly due to its mini-humbuckers (only used during one year on this model) which almost sound like Gibson’s famous P90 pickups: clear, but warmer than Fender style single coils. It’s a perfect guitar for playing rock chords with a light touch of distortion. I am always amazed by its sustain, despite it being very light weight.


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