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So, YouTube is this platform on which originally you were supposed to post your own videos. That’s why it was called YOUtube, it was supposed to be about YOU. However, pretty much instantly this developed into posting other people’s videos, because most people concluded, quite rightly, that their videos weren’t what people were looking for on the internet. Having said that, I applaud everyone who continues to post their own material, succesful or not.

If the creator of the video notices that someone posted his or her video and claims its copyrights, the video gets removed.

But if the creator doesn’t, I notice that nowadays virtually any video involving a well-known person or celebrity has an ad preceding it. Which will pay money to some internet lowlife, and I suppose YouTube/Google, neither of whom accomplished anything related to the video apart from uploading it.

Not agreeing with traditional copyrights and just wanting to share these things is one thing, and something that you might want to discuss. There may be different models for getting paid for what you publish, and partly the free availability of some things actually attracts new customers.

But wanting to make money of other people’s accomplishments effortlessly is wrong however you look at it.


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