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Fender Stratocaster USA

Fender_StratocasterWhen I bought this guitar it was with the idea in mind that this would become my ‘second’ guitar, only to be used for the specific Stratocaster sound.

But ever since I’ve played it in an allround coverband for several years, I’ve discovered why Stratocasters are such popular guitars: they’re so very versatile. Of course they’re perfect for certain specific styles, but actually you can play any other style in at least a reasonable fashion on it. The built quality is actually a bit less than that of my Ibanez, but the concept simply always works.

I bought this guitar as a second hand one around 1990, after it had been brought back to the store by someone who, allegedly, had bought it without consulting his wife first. I, at the time, fortunately didn’t need to consult with anyone when buying it.

At I found information that seems to suggest that this is a Torino Red American Standard from around 1987, just after Fender had become independent of CBS again. Also, its serial number starts with EE, which is a bit special, meaning it was specifically meant for export. I replaced the tuning machines with Sperzel locking machines and the standard white pick guard by a pearloid one.

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Hopf Cordóba (1978)

Hopf_CordobaThis was the first quality guitar I ever bought, in 1980 at the age of 16, after my guitar teacher had told me I needed a new one. Until then I had been playing a Suzuki of 200 guilders (less than $ 100, 30 of which had been provided by the grandfather I’ve been named after, although he didn’t quite approve of me spending that money right away I seem to remember. If only he  knew how much happiness he has given me by sponsoring my first guitar).

My guitar teacher had mentioned Hopf as being a good brand, but only from 1000 guilders onwards. At the store where I went they had indeed a Hopf for sale. Normally that one would have costed 1300 guilders, which was way too much for me at that time. But the top was slightly damaged (a superficial dent) and therefore the shop owner had been able to buy it for half price. As a result I only had to pay 800 guilders.

Since then I know how to recognize a good guitar: it keeps surprising you every now and then with its sound, even after more than 30 years. It has been built in 1978 according to its label. The sides and back seem to be made of beautiful solid maple, and it’s got a cedar top, accounting for its mellow sound.

This guitar was very likely made by Willy Hopf, as his son Dieter Hopf once mailed me after a question I had about this guitar. Dieter Hopf is a very prestigious luthier, building guitars ranging from a 1000 to 10,000 dollars.

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Video Demo Ibanez Musician 550

Ibanez Musician 550

Ibanez Musician 550When my brother was only fourteen, he already listened to progressive rock bands like Mike Oldfield and Focus (a Dutch band featuring Jan Akkerman). I, being almost five years younger than him, could be found sitting in his bedroom listening to all this complicated music as a nine-year-old. To this day you can tell that influence in my music.

But apart from that he also inspired me to play electric guitar. after he had bought one himself.
This Ibanez was the first electric guitar I bought.

It’s one of the first Ibanez models that were released after Gibson had threatened to sue them for their better than average Gibson imitations. But probably Ibanez’s own models (although this one seems to be copied from an Alembic model) meant a fiercer competition than their imitations ever were to Gibson.

This guitar’s quality caused my playing to improve a lot, because the ease and beauty of playing it made you go on forever.

On this guitar I learned most electric guitar techniques, it’s the guitar with which I sat dreaming in my student’s room and which eventually brought my study to a halt. But I never regretted that.

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Quick Bossa Nova – royalty free

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Still Standing My Ground

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This is a complete song, not specifically recorded for purposes of background music, but you may still find it – or parts of it – useful for your purposes, so I uploaded it here anyway. It’s a powerful, intense piece of bluesrock with electric lead guitar, acoustic rhythm guitar and Hammond organ accompaniment, and of course also with bass and drums. It starts out in a kind of funky theme, culminating in a climax of an all-out Hammond organ solo in the bridge and then returning to the original theme.

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A peaceful, melancholic tune with acoustic guitar, mandoline, strings and a mellow electric lead guitar melody.