Ibanez Musician 550

Ibanez Musician 550When my brother was only fourteen, he already listened to progressive rock bands like Mike Oldfield and Focus (a Dutch band featuring Jan Akkerman). I, being almost five years younger than him, could be found sitting in his bedroom listening to all this complicated music as a nine-year-old. To this day you can tell that influence in my music.

But apart from that he also inspired me to play electric guitar. after he had bought one himself.
This Ibanez was the first electric guitar I bought.

It’s one of the first Ibanez models that were released after Gibson had threatened to sue them for their better than average Gibson imitations. But probably Ibanez’s own models (although this one seems to be copied from an Alembic model) meant a fiercer competition than their imitations ever were to Gibson.

This guitar’s quality caused my playing to improve a lot, because the ease and beauty of playing it made you go on forever.

On this guitar I learned most electric guitar techniques, it’s the guitar with which I sat dreaming in my student’s room and which eventually brought my study to a halt. But I never regretted that.


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